Nathan Drake & Sully Sword Fight In Uncharted BTS Video

In the upcoming video game adaption Uncharted, Nathan Drake and Sully, played by Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, have a sword fight in a new behind-the-scenes film.

The film tells the narrative of Nathan and his tutor Victor Sullivan, or Sully, as they search for buried riches in lost and ‘uncharted’ places around the world, based on the extremely successful video game of the same name.

The video game series, created by Naughty Dog, has been a huge hit with fans, with their opinions on the impending adaptation being relatively varied at this point.

Uncharted BTS Video

The film has had a rocky route to completion, but fans were thrilled when an official teaser was released, which looked to indicate that a lot of scenes in the film would mirror fan-favorite missions from the games. Nathan and Sully are expected to encounter a number of rival treasure hunters and evil thieves along the road, so the film will be action-packed. The trailer also teased some great action sequences while showcasing some incredible locations.

PlayStation has now released an interesting behind-the-scenes film, which includes several further teases for the upcoming release.

The video is a combination of on-set and behind-the-scenes footage, with Holland and Wahlberg providing further background for the movie. Holland can be seen ascending a pretty large ship mast and engaging in a sword fight with Sully in one of the clips.

Check out the full video below

Holland’s age and appearance in the film have been a hot topic of discussion since the trailer was released, with many fans believing that the Spider-Man: No From Home star is too young to play Nathan Drake, who is estimated to be roughly 35 years old in the games.

While the publication of this teaser is unlikely to convince those who doubt Holland’s ability to play Drake, it does demonstrate the actor’s dedication to the part, and it appears as though he is truly immersed in the crucial components that make Drake such an engaging and fun character.


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