Naomi Has Announced A Major Non-WWE Appearance

It’s been more than a month since Naomi and Sasha Banks stepped out on a WWE Monday Night Raw episode, which resulted in the two being suspended and removed of their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Naomi hasn’t been heard from much since then, though she did remove all WWE references from her social media accounts shortly after.

Fans learned today when they might see Naomi again. The suspended star will appear on a forthcoming E! TV series, according to the Twitter account @NaomiWWENews, which Naomi confirmed by retweeting. Naomi will appear on a show of the new season of Celebrity Game Face, hosted by Kevin Hart, according to the tweet.

Celebrity Game Face, according to its IMDb synopsis, features Hart and his wife challenging other celebrity partners to games which they can play in their own apartments. The show debuted in July 2020, as during COVID-19 pandemic, and has had two seasons so far. However the show frequently features couples, Naomi’s hubby, WWE star Jimmy Uso, has still not been confirmed to appear in the episode, which does not yet have an airdate.

In an ironic twist, Naomi appears on one of Hart’s shows alongside her former tag team partner. Banks made an appearance on the comedian’s Cold As Balls show in May. The show aired soon after Naomi and Banks left WWE, despite having been taped prior to the incident.

Naomi and Sasha Banks

While Naomi has stayed quiet since then, Banks has been in news constantly recently due to talks of a possible release. Raj Giri reported last Wednesday that Banks had been released; while WWE has not affirmed the report, many within the company believe it. Other news outlets have reported that, while Banks has not been officially released, her lawyers are operating on it.

Those who endorse Naomi and Sasha Banks moving out of WWE Raw, according to Booker T, are on a slippery road. Booker spoke out about the former Women’s Tag Team Champs, who are suspended by WWE. Despite having a significant role in the planned main event match, the two women allegedly walked out just before WWE Raw last week.

He simply believes the situation should have been handled differently. I understand if they wanted to go out and get the job done, then come back and say, ‘Hey look, whatever you’ve got planned for us going forward, we’ve got to talk about it, or we’re not in for it.’ But for anyone to support getting up and leaving the show, it sets a precedent for guys willing to stand out and quit the show.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.