MsDirtyBird Makes An Early Twitch Comeback After Fake Cancer Diagnosis Controversy

Twitch streamer MsDirtyBird found herself in hot waters when she announced her ‘fake’ lung and brain cancer diagnosis in January 2021.

MsDirtyBird tried to fake her medical condition to gain some ‘clout’ on the Internet. After being exposed, she issued an apology. However, she was bashed yet again by users for reading off of a ‘scripted’ apology template.

She was ousted from her organization N7 Esports after the whole drama unraveled.

Comeback After Three Weeks

The streamer, at the time of her apology, revealed that she would be going on a hiatus for ‘six months to a year’. But guess what? MsDirtyBird has made an early comeback. When we say early, we mean REALLY EARLY!

MsDirtyBird said she would be taking a break for at least six months but has returned just in three weeks.

“I have opened up my account again, and I want to apologize for lying to the Rocket League community and hurting you guys,” MsDirtyBird wrote on Twitter touting her return to gaming and streaming.

“I lied about having cancer but it wasn’t recently. I had lied about it back in January.”


“I can’t say that I remember when I told the lie about me having cancer, but I can say that I didn’t realize that it was a lie that I couldn’t get out of.”

Users are not happy with her return and immediately resorted to criticizing her and the organizer Slips for giving her another chance. Many decided to skip the broadcast because of MrDirtyBird’s presence.

However, the stream takes this opportunity as another chance and expressed her gratitude to the organizer for allowing her to stream. What do you think about MsDirtyBird’s early return? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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