MrBeast’s Squid Game ‘Approved’ By Creator Of The Netflix Show

MrBeast’s Squid Game ‘Approved’ By Creator Of The Netflix Show

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the hit Netflix show Squid Game; has given Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson; his seal of approval after the YouTuber reproduced the viral thriller.

MrBeast eventually released his own version of Squid Game on November 24; the viral Korean thriller that swept the internet for weeks and became Netflix’s most popular show to date. The comedy depicts a group of debt-ridden people; who unknowingly sign up for a series of life-or-death children’s games in the hopes of winning a large cash prize.

It wasn’t long before the YouTube sensation suggested the potential of creating his own Netflix series, and fans were excited. MrBeast unleashed his Squid Game remake, featuring an exact 456 contestants; and sets that looked like they could have been ripped right out of the original show; after weeks of releasing behind-the-scenes footage and sharing small snippets of information (including the project’s $3.5 million budget).

The video was well-received, with over 110 million views in just a few days following its release. Despite the fact that the video sparked controversy, with critics accusing MrBeast of copying; it appears that the show’s creator is an admirer of MrBeast’s work.

Squid Game writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk was questioned about his opinions on MrBeast’s idea at the 2021 Gotham Awards; a little over a week after the video was released.

“I watched some of it,” the director said with a laugh. “I loved it! It helped me to promote the show, too, so please, I want more people to do it!” There it is, straight from the creator’s mouth: he appears to be a great fan of MrBeast’s take on his viral programme; and would love for more content creators to release their own versions in the future.

MrBeast has yet to respond to Hwang Dong-hyuk’s remarks; but he did make a point to thank the filmmaker at the end of his Squid Game video, adding, “We took huge inspiration from this show and I genuinely appreciate you.”

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