MrBeast Tricks Fan Page With A Difficult Choice: Get $5000 Now Or $15,000 One Year Later

MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet. He is well-known for his viral content ideas, giveaway videos, and crazy adventures. All of the videos of MrBeast, to say the least, are pretty epic.

The YouTube sensation was ranked as the richest YouTuber on the platform by Forbes magazine in 2021. He made over $50 million as per Forbes estimates last year. The YouTuber also recreated the famous Netflix series Squid Game that fetched him 5 million subscribers in 5 days.

MrBeast Offers A Fan Page Upto $15,000

MrBeast has recently given one of his fan pages a tough choice to decide from: He has offered the fan page a reward of $5,000 now Vs $15,000 one year later. However, it is not as simple as it might seem because the option to get $15,000 an year later comes with a challenge.

The fan page under discussion is the one that has made memes of MrBeast for 1,000 days straight without any gap. To acknolwedge the efforts by the fan page on Twitter (@DailyMrBeast), the YouTuber commented the following:

“Congrats! To celebrate you making a meme of me everyday for 1,000 days I have a choice for you. Would you rather me give you $5,000 now or if you do another 365 days I give you $15,000? Good luck”

So far, the official fan page has not replied with its decision. The only reply that was sent to MrBeast was that of a GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie Wolf of Wallstreet that depicts the difficulty of choosing.

Upcoming Plans of MrBeast

Recently. MrBeast revealed that he plans to donate 10 million meals a month to alleviate global hunger.

MrBeast owns other channels such as Beast Gaming and Beast Philanthropy other than his personal channel. He recently raised $30 million as part of his TeamSEas project that aimed to remove 30 million pounds of waste from the ocean.

The YouTuber launched a new project by the name of ‘TeamSeas’ back in October 2021. The project aims to clean the oceans, 30 million pounds of waste in particular. Within the first week of Team Seas launch alone, MrBeast and his team cleaned up six million pounds of waste from the ocean [$1 = 1 pound waste removed].

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