MrBeast Says Twitch Is Letting YouTube Gaming Win The Streaming Race

With a lot of big Twitch names leaving the platform to make a shift to YouTube Gaming, many think that Twitch will soon lose its relevance.

There a lot of platforms for streamers but Twitch has been the industry leader so far. With no competition even close to the Amazon-owned Twitch, it finally feels that there streaming race is getting heated up as YouTube Gaming proves to be a real challenger to Twitch.

Rise Of YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming has managed to sign exclusive deals with popular Twitch streamers successfully shifting them to their platform. The likes of TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo are now exclusively streaming on YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming has also revealed that it would add more Twitch-like features to attract more audience and streamers to their platform. This includes gifted memberships, channel raids, and more.

But what is Twitch doing to counter the rise of YouTube Gaming? MrBeast thinks that Twitch isn’t doing anything to compete with YouTube Gaming.

What Did MrBeast Say?

In a tweet posted by content creator Moistcr1tkal in which he said that “Twitch doesn’t have the streaming monopoly it thinks it does. Youtube is making huge moves and if Twitch keeps spitting on its streamers, they will have some real competition,” Mr Beast was quick to second his thoughts.

MrBeast added that “It’s like they [Twitch] want YouTube to win haha’.

MrBeast also owns a gaming channel by the name of MrBeastGaming and is one of the most successful content creators on the platform. He creates viral videos and gives away a lot of money and gifts in his content. Recently two new crew members have joined MrBeast’s content creation squad as well.

Do you think that MrBeast is right in saying so? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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