MrBeast Confirms Launch Of Music Career With Mystery Collab

MrBeast Confirms Launch Of Music Career With Mystery Collab

MrBeast has skills that are never-ending as he is now stepping into the music industry. This comes after a recent TikTok video that seemingly told us he will be adding the profession of “musician” to his resume next.

The influencer does not want to take it easy after garnering 100 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is celebrating the achievement with another feather to his hat. The Youtuber does not seem to be satisfied even after his many achievements in the entertainment industry.

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson takes it a step further after entering the 100 million club. He has hinted on his social media channel that there are greater things on the way. This has only left his fans more invested in his career.

In a short video, the influencer garnered over 4 million views in a few hours by simply asking fans, “Who do you think I collabed with?” The beginning of the TikTok video had MrBeast saying that this will be the last time they are seeing him before launching his music career.

This question of who he collaborated with has left fans intrigued as they try to find any clues regarding his collab. However, the biggest guess of all has been that he collaborated with the superhit K-Pop group, BTS. This is also because one of the tags on the video is actually “bts”.

But this only looks like this bts meant behind the scenes. MrBeast is not revealing any details about his launch and collaboration. Likely to the nature of the influencer, he might be hard at work to make sure his debut in the music industry is perfect.

And maybe this might lead him to being a musician from a Youtuber.


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