Mr. India Manoj Patil attempted suicide, blaming actor Sahil Khan for harassing him

Manoj Patil, the former Mr India contest winner, allegedly tried to commit himself by taking sleeping pills in the early hours of Thursday at his home in Oshiwara, police said.

Patil’s family members rushed him to a hospital after the alleged event, which occurred between 12.30 a.m. and 1 a.m. at Patil’s house in Oshiwara’s Saileela building, where his condition was described as “serious,” according to his manager Pari Naaz.

Patil, a “self-made” athlete and model, had sent a letter to the Oshiwara police department a few days ago, requesting action against Bollywood actor Sahil Khan for allegedly defaming him on social media and causing problems in his professional life, she added.

They had requested that a FIR be filed against the actor, she said. He further claimed that Sahil Khan defamed his nutrition shop on Instagram in the letter.

Manoj Patil Nutrition Shop

Mental Harassment

Manoj Patil’s mother told that Sahil Khan was harassing her son mentally. “My son told me that Sahil Khan was harassing him emotionally. It got to the point that he stated, ‘I feel like ending my life,’ and he attempted suicide.”
It got to the point that he stated, ‘I feel like ending my life,’ and he attempted suicide.”

Viral Suicide Letter

Ex-Mr India Winner Manoj Patil Tries To End His Life, Blames Actor Sahil Khan For Harassment In Suicide Letter

Suraj Sonawane, a local MNS leader, said Manoj Patil had asked him for assistance and that he had offered to send him to Raj Thackeray as well. “He told me about his troubles, which he had been having for months. It was fine as long as it was limited to professional rivalry, but Sahil Khan began to target his personal life, making comments about his wife and threatening to cancel his visa, prompting him to take this action.

Out Of Danger

According to Manoj Patil’s suicide letter, which has gone viral on social media, he committed suicide due to mental strain and shame. Mr. India, Manoj, had begun his preparations for Mr. Olympia. Sahil Khan was also interested in competing in the tournament. Manoj claims that Sahil was harassing him in order to keep him away from it and prevent him from competing in Mr. Olympia.

Manoj is no longer in danger, according to the latest report, and no FIR has been filed yet, according to an official at the Oshiwara police station. “Our official made a visit to Patil at Cooper Hospital,” he continued.

Patil, who was born in 1992, was the 2016 Mr India Men’s Physique Overall Champion.

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