Manoj Bajpayee: In the midst of a pandemic, OTT has been the only saviour for the entertainment industry

Some may call it a boon, others a fad, but Manoj Bajpayee feels the OTT boom is here to stay and will only get bigger.

The actor has fully embraced the medium and continues to work on a number of digital projects, all of which have received critical praise and are well-liked by the public.

“This has happened all around the world. In a circumstance like lockdown, where people couldn’t even go outside and do anything, let alone watch a movie, there was only one source of entertainment. OTT has been the entertainment industry’s only saviour in the midst of the pandemic,” Bajpayee says.

OTT is a large Ocean

He also praises the OTT for keeping people occupied and away from negative thoughts.

“They were kept away from all the tension and stress by the various shows and flicks. It is the only medium that has been able to keep people entertained for so long. He continues, “It’s a large ocean from which people may chose what they want to see.”

This has been a blessing not only for the public, but also for the actors, according to the 52-year-old. “Everyone who is capable of doing something worthwhile has been given the opportunity to show their talents. It’s a one-of-a-kind circumstance. I hope that this period of honoring talent and achievement does not end. We frequently see in our country that talented people are underestimated. For many, the OTT has turned into a miracle,” Bajpayee adds.

He also confesses that his reputation has risen as a result of his OTT projects, particularly The Family Man, for which he just won the Best Actor award at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne for his role in the second season (IFFM).

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