Most Followed Twitch Streamer Ninja Talks About His Declining Popularity On The Platform

Twitch streamer Ninja is the most followed streamer on the planet. His streams are fun, engaging, and full of entertainment. However, recently this does not seem to be the case as more and more fans have stopped watching Ninja on Twitch.

While the streamer continues to grow his followers at a rapid pace and is the top most followed Twitch streamer on the platform, there is no denying that his popularity has been going downhill.

Tyle ‘Ninja’ Byles rose to fame with Fortnite gameplays and as it is obvious that Fortnite itself has lost its relevance, so did many Fortnite streamers including Ninja.

Most Followed Twitch Streamer

In 2017 when the world was dancing to the beats of the Fortnite floss, Ninja Blevins rose to fame as Twitch’s most followed streamer. Since then, there was no looking back.

 On November 4, 2021, he completed 17 million followers on Twitch making him the first ever streamer to do so. He took to his official Twitter handle and shared a video. Ninja thanked his fans in the tweet by writing “Thank you to every single one of my fans, OFFICIALLY passed 17M followers on @Twitch.”

In a recent interview with Eashington Post, the streamer addressed the issue of his declining popularity on the platform. Ninja humbly accepted that he is losing viewers and the craze that he once held as a streamer but also seemed pretty alright with it.

‘I Have No Intention Of Being That Guy Anymore’

“No one’s gonna stay on top forever, especially when it comes to live-streaming; there’s always somebody new and hot,” Blevins said. “I have no intention of being that guy anymore. I know I’m not going to pull 100,000 viewers on [Twitch] anymore. I don’t have time to do that. I have a wife, I have a family.”

“[Fans] are focusing on what they can see in front of them, which is numbers and ‘Ninja isn’t getting 100,000 viewers anymore’, but what they don’t see is everything we created while we were massive and [the] global recognition we have that’s bigger than just streaming on Twitch.”

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