Miley Cyrus & Maxx Morando Celebrate Endless Summer Vacation Album Release

Miley Cyrus & Maxx Morando Celebrate Endless Summer Vacation Album Release

Miley Cyrus celebrated the release of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, with her boyfriend, Maxx Morando. On Thursday, March 9th, the pair attended an album release party at the Gucci shop in Beverly Hills, California.

Miley, 30, is promoting the album’s first song, “Flowers,” and has also created a music video for the track “River,” which is on the album. Endless Summer Vacation is separated into two sections: the “AM” side depicts morning time, energy, and the possibility of fresh possibilities, while the “PM” side represents the night, filth, glamour, and the wild side that boils up.

Miley has stated that the album represents her own growth and experiences over the last five years. Miley was initially linked to her current beau, Maxx Morando, in November 2021. Miley’s song “You” is said to be about Maxx, although the singer has yet to confirm this.

Miley has been a part of the music industry since she was a youngster, and she has grown both emotionally and professionally. Her music has always reflected her development and experiences, and Endless Summer Vacation is no exception. The album demonstrates Miley’s flexibility as an artist and her ability to move between genres.

Miley and Maxx have been sighted together on several occasions since they began dating; and they look to be extremely happy together. Fans are eager to see what the couple’s and Miley’s musical careers have in store for them in the future.

Miley’s progress and experiences throughout the years are represented in the album; which is broken into two halves, the “AM” and “PM” sides. Miley’s connection with Maxx has been the topic of speculation, although she has yet to confirm it. Nonetheless, Miley’s current musical endeavor and the future of her personal life have people thrilled.


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