Mike Tyson’s Advice For Anthony Joshua Ahead of Oleksandr Usyk Rematch

Although legendary former heavyweight champion Tyson has always supported the British, he is aware that he will face one of his hardest challenges of his career on Saturday night.

Oleksandr Usyk’s rapid jab, in Mike Tyson’s opinion, will make the difference in his rematch with Anthony Joshua on Saturday night.

Although the illustrious former heavyweight champion is a fan of Joshua, he knows he will have one of his toughest tests when he enters the ring one more to fight the Ukrainian. He also suggests that the British fighter’s success depends on applying pressure to Usyk and trying to prevent him from working behind his jab.

After dropping his world heavyweight belts to Usyk on September 25 of last year, Joshua is at a crossroads in his career. The fight takes place this weekend in Saudi Arabia. He has already humiliatingly lost his belts to Andy Ruiz Jr. in the summer of 2019, and if he loses in Jeddah, he may have a difficult time climbing back to the top.

Although Tyson thinks it will be challenging for Joshua to reclaim his victory, he can achieve it with the appropriate adjustments from the first bout. During an Instagram Live chat with TV personality and boxing enthusiast Mario Lopez, Tyson claimed of Usyk that “it’s going to be hard to beat him.” Usyk is going to be difficult to defeat because he moves quickly and outpunches you with his j”ab.

“He Was Too Fast for Joshua”

“Joshua needs to learn to get away from his jab because that’s the one thing he couldn’t handle – his jab and his movement, he was too fast for Joshua. So Joshua has to put a lot of pressure on him and keep that going all night. He’s a powerful puncher but he’s got to be active against a guy like that. He moves too much, his jab is educated and [Joshua needs to] just outsmart the guy.”

And he believes that his new surroundings—he moved his training camp from Sheffield to London before travelling to Saudi Arabia a few weeks before the fight—will be sufficient to help him reclaim his world titles. The Watford native has a specific goal of being the first heavyweight champion to hold all four belts, which would be an almost impossible task if he loses this fight.

Tyson Fury is no longer The Ring magazine champion following his many retirement declarations, therefore Joshua and Usyk will now compete for all but one of the heavyweight championship titles. This means that in addition to the less valuable IBO belt and the ceremonial Ring title, the fight on Saturday night will now be for the unification of the WBA, WBO, and IBF world crowns.

If Fury is sincere about his intentions to retire, the WBC heavyweight title might be removed from him as soon as this month. He recently said he was done with the sport after previously hinting at a comeback and offered to face Derek Chisora later this year.


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