Mike Tyson Will Destroy Logan Paul In A Boxing Match, says Michael Bisping

YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer Logan Paul is set to fight Mike Tyson in February 2022, as per industry reports. While the two of them have not officially confirmed the fight so far, if such a fight happens then we already have some experienced professionals commenting on the match.

UFC legend Michael Bisping gave his two cents on a Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson boxing match. And of course, he was way more favorable to Mike Tyson in such a match.

“Logan Will Get Knocked Out”

Bisping believes that Logan Paul will get ‘knocked the fu*k out’ if he steps in the ring with boxing legend Mike Tyson. “In exhibition bouts you are not supposed to go for the knockouts but do you really see any world that you can imagine where Mike Tyson isn’t going to try and knock out Logan Paul?” said Bisping.

While he praised Logan Paul for being athletic, young, tall, and ambitious, Michael feels that Mike Tyson is not the right guy to mess with. In his last exhibition fight, Mike Tyson looked phenomenal even though he stepped in the ring after fifteen long years.

Logan Paul does not have a very impressive boxing track record either. He has fought three fights with one draw, one loss, and the final one had no winner announced.

What Else Did Bisping Say?

Jake Paul, on the other, has had a much better run in his boxing career, Michael Bisping believes.

“Logan, he has some skills. He can certainly punch and as I say, he’s big and he’s athletic and he’ll learn from the fight against Floyd and maybe he’ll learn to magic his gas tank a bit better.”

Mike Tyson is 55 years old and the age factor certainly favors Logan Paul. But when it comes to experience, there’s no one better than Mike Tyson in the ring in February 2022.

Who do you think would take the W if Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson happens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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