Mike Pompeo’s Historic Visit To Disputed Israeli Settlements

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank Jewish capital, the first such visit by a US official.

The trip to Psagot came a year after Mr Pompeo said the settlements were not in violation of international law, changing the US position that had held for so long.

The proclamation angered the Palestinian people, who opposed the occupation of the land by claiming to be the future independent state.

Mr. Pompeo will later visit the same at Golan Heights.

Recognition Of Israel’s Sovereignty

President Donald Trump last year officially acknowledged Israel’s sovereignty over the strategic plain, which Israel took from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war and incorporated it in 1981.

Pompeo In Israel To Talk Annexation As Palestinian Rage Boils Over |  Kashmir Observer

Mr Pompeo arrived in Israel on Wednesday in what is likely to be his last trip to Israel before leaving office in January.

On Thursday morning he held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

BDS To Be Declared Anti-Semitic

At a joint news conference, Mr Pompeo announced that the country’s department would declare as an anti-Semitic group the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) international movement, campaigning for a complete boycott of Israel with its policies on Palestinians.

Israel claims that the BDS opposes the existence of the country and is motivated by Jewish racism. The BDS dismisses the case, saying Israel is using it as a cover for his actions.

Mr Pompeo also told reporters that “for a long time the state department has taken a false view of accommodation” in the West Bank.

“It has taken a view that you do not see the history of this special place and now today the United States Department of State is firmly in the forefront of realizing that the settlements can be done in a legal and appropriate and appropriate manner,” he added.

He then flew in a helicopter to Psagot, a Jewish settlement near Ramallah.

Psagot Winery

More than 600,000 Jews live in some 140 places built since Israel occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East war. The majority of the international community considers illegal settlements under international law, or Israel opposes this.

Mike Pompeo lands in Israel - Inside Israel - Israel National News

Although Psagot winery staff will not officially comment on the trip in advance, the BBC has been shown one of the last red bottles of “Pompeo” – a combination of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, described on the label as “refreshing, fruitful and fairly balanced” .

Named after the US Secretary of State announced last year that the settlements were “not in line with international law”. Many countries still believe in existence.

The Psagot winery has a vineyard in the private Palestinian world and is owned by American donors under the Trump administration.

It is known for its international efforts to ensure that its wine is listed as originating in Israel. However, European courts have rejected their efforts to mark bottles in this way, saying that products made in residential areas in the West Bank need to be so named.

‘Made In Israel’ Exports

On Thursday, the country’s department issued new guidelines requiring Israeli residential goods to be marked as “Made in Israel” when exported to the United States.

Following his visit to Psagot, Mr Pompeo issued a statement saying the United States would require imports from “Israel using the appropriate authorities” to be marked as “Israel”, “Made in Israel”, or “Product of Israel”.

These guidelines, he said, “apply” to “60% of the West Bank, classified as” Area C “under the Oslo Accords, which are under the full control of Israeli troops and civilians. It includes the Jordan Valley and many Palestinian communities.

Exports from West Bank-controlled Palestinian Authority have had to be labeled “West Bank”, while those from Hamas-controlled Gaza are labeled “Gaza”, Mr Pompeo added, adding that these areas were “politically segregated and managed and should be treated fairly”.

Palestinian leaders called Mr Pompeo’s action offensive.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said: “Pompeo’s visit to the occupied country plays a significant role in this process.”

Joe-Biden’s Stance On Disputed Settlements

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to reverse Mr Pompeo’s declaration on accommodation, but has said he will not change Mr Trump’s 2017 decision to accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Mr Pompeo will also travel to Golan Heights which are occupied by Israelis on Thursday.

“The easy acceptance of this as part of Israel … has been a decision made by President Trump that is historically significant and simply the acceptance of the truth,” he said in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The Golan Heights of Israel have never been seen by the general public, and Syria wants to reclaim the area. We have called Mr. Trump’s proclamation “a clear attack on his sovereignty”.

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