Meta Bounty Hunters Takes Non-Fungible Tokens to New Intergalactic Heights

As the meteoric rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has seen the powers of the blockchain trickle down into the general consumer base, the applicable properties of the burgeoning technology are beginning to expand as a result. Beyond the chance to mint and own a one-of-a-kind piece of digital artistry, NFTs can be used for a wealth of other purposes. Acting as a key to different video games, providing access to unique skins and other add-ons that enhance the digital experience. Rather than keep NFTs, particularly the mega-popular visual avatar collections, in a stagnant state, these recent innovations allow holders to evolve and grow their tokens to new levels of intrigue.

Consumers have begun wearing their NFTs as a badge of pride. With many – including world-famous celebrities like Justin Bieber and Madonna – electing to use their minted tokens as profile pictures across various social media channels. Also considering the nascent NFT market is expected to reach a massive $80 Billion valuation by 2025, the non-fungible tokens are anticipated to have only begun their continual upward trajectory and mass adoption in popular culture.

Enter Meta Bounty Hunters, a recently-dropped collection from industry-disrupting firm Meta Labs Agency, consisting of 8,888 one-of-a-kind non-fungible tokens. Taking design cues from Game of Thrones visual mastermind and illustrator Mike Miller, the Meta Bounty Hunters collection is filled with eye-catching intergalactic warriors set to “protect, form alliances, and take over the NFT Galaxy.”

With 235 possible traits randomized across 14 categories, Meta Bounty Hunters’ minting vision allows for each and every holder to possess their own one-of-a-kind NFT, irreplicable to anyone else. Always looking to push the boundaries of NFT design, the team behind Meta Bounty Hunters is consistently working on new updates and additional features to maximize Meta Bounty Hunters to their full potential, which are later airdropped straight into the wallets of their owners. While other NFT collections stay within the constraints of their original designs, Meta Bounty Hunters is continually pushed to new heights of visual dynamism. Thanks largely in part to its dedicated and talent-backed team and giving back to its loyal community in turn. 

In fact, community is where Meta Bounty Hunters has truly made a name for itself, by giving back to its community in two distinct ways: direct reflections and affiliate reflections, both NFT industry firsts. For those simply holding a Meta Bounty Hunter in their wallet, Meta Bounty Hunters’ founders use their custodial defi protocol to share a direct reflection with the NFT holders. Additionally, those who refer friends, family and acquaintances to the intergalactic magic of Meta Bounty Hunters, will likewise be rewarded for their efforts for the good of the community.

Already selling out of its first 8,888 collection drop within its first month of launch, Meta Bounty Hunters has clearly made an impressionable mark on the NFT community at large; and with new drops soon to expand the venture’s galaxy-defending capabilities, it seems Meta Bounty Hunters is here for the long haul in the non-fungible token marketplace.

For more on Meta Bounty Hunters, visit its LinkTree for the latest updates and drops.

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