Mery Racauchi’s Journey From Being An International Fashion Designer To An Overnight Music Sensation

One name that is making waves on an international scale is Mery Racauchi. She has become a household name in the fashion industry and is a reputed fashion designer. She hails from Argentina and recently moved to New York – the fashion capital of the world. She founded her own brand ‘Mery Racauchi’ in 2010 which has been globally appreciated by everyone. Since her childhood, she was so interested in clothing that she started sewing her own clothes by her hands merely at the age of 6. When she was 18, she started her own brand of hoodies after which she launched her first official store in Argentina at the age of 23. Besides this, Mery came up with a new swimwear line named ‘MERY PLAYA’ for which she joined hands with Sofia Resing.

The inspiration for her designs is her travel experiences, the vintage fashion trends and rock and pop music. She has lately discovered her love for music and she stunned everyone with her first music video titled ‘At 11:11’ which was released recently. Her melodious voice and acting skills in the video have increased her fan following and how. Directed by Ezequiel Briff & Blake DVS, the song is a perfect combination of love, lust and emotion. It shows Mery head over heels and as she rushes against the clock to keep the love of her life, she is left heartbroken as the clock strikes 11:11.

With being a top name in fashion, Mery is a rising name in the music and pop industry. She plans to come up with a series of music videos soon and also has some major plans to expand her fashion business. While giving a pro tip to all the aspiring fashion designers, she said, “Always follow your dreams, and be confident – you can make it! Just be very careful with how much money you spend and invest. Money is very easy to spend when you have it and it takes way longer to make the money back.” Mery Racauchi is leaving no stone unturned to make a bright career in music and we are really eager to see the upcoming works of this international sensation.