Mehwish Hayat Started Watching Netflix’s Emily in Paris

Just like many other who love Netflix’s latest series Emily in Paris and its cast, Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat who binge-watched the Emily in Paris show, cannot stop gushing over Lucas Bravo also known as Gabriel.

Mehwish Hayat took to social media platform Twitter and recommended the show to her fans while urging the streaming giant to make a 2nd season of the show.
“Just binge-watched #Emilyinparis. A real breath of fresh air. Please #netflix let there be a 2nd season soon,” Mehwish Hayat tweeted.

Mehwish Hayat further added that after watching Emily in Paris she wanted to pick up her French lessons again. “Lucus Bravo is definitely my crush updated!”

Mehwish Hayat Shares Her Ad

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