Meet Carlos Cantero (@lordcntero), a 19 years-old teenager who builds an empire by posting memes News

Meet Carlos Cantero (@lordcntero), a 19 years-old teenager who builds an empire by posting memes

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Time icon May 8, 2020

Being an Instagram influencer is like a real job for many people around the world, who are making their hobby, being a primary income, as a job would be.

However, the sense of belonging is overwhelming. Some people think it’s an excellent temptation to fight for it, while others think it’s a useless excuse to remain far away from fixed jobs.

Whatever you are feeling about it, there seems to be nothing stopping the movement, and it only grows.

Today, there are dozens of influencers who have made it so great on Instagram to make their own beauty and clothing products, also as their companies. Quite impressing, to mention at least.

Who is Carlos Cantero (@lordcntero)?

He is one of the most known guys right now on Spanish social media, at least on the meme-related community, with his Instagram page @killjongun.

Carlos is merely 19 and is now promoting his personal brand together with his new Instagram account @lordcntero. Although the young Instagram star already knows that the journey to succeed in 1,000,000 followers is going to be difficult, he still has enough desire to make a buzz around it. Carlos Cantero has created a meme account @killjongun with a dream to form an impact on the social media world, and he has made the foremost of his previous experiences. He is also working to create a new platform about social media management to help other small influencers grow and increase their business value.

His new account, which matches by IG handle @lordcntero promises to be far better. Although the account itself has been around for a couple of years, Carlos started using it more recently. Keeping in mind that his main focus has been spent on his other account, it’s amazing to ascertain that @lordcntero has managed to succeed in 14,000 followers.

By creating great content, of course! once you sit down and ask him, Carlos meets the planet the foremost and emphasizes one among his focal points on his @lordcntero account are going to be supplying you with advice supported his crazy life journey thus far. Memes tend to amplify satire, commentary, or nostalgia, which suggests that a high-quality meme is funny and understandable. Because memes also can be fat or annoying, marketers should go a fine line when trying out meme marketing.

He is now following his enthusiasm for a better position. He believes in creating engaging and quality content to serve the intended audience. Most of his fans love his unique and amazing style. At such a young age, Carlos Cantero made great efforts to realize success. His attitude towards his dreams and unlimited determination is the foremost effective weapon for him. After watching his fans and therefore the huge increase in followers counting within a brief period of time, it seems that he will soon fulfill his dreams. 

Instead of employing a shortcut to realize success on Instagram, this young influencer is that specialize in building a top-quality brand that pulls the eye of the audience. He continuously updates and publishes new content to his Instagram handle @killjongun. Which makes him Spain’s most-followed Instagram influencer. This popularity can increase to a particular extent if his account receives a stable and consistent publishing rate.

While most marketers realize memes that will attract their audience, it is often hard to incorporate them while maintaining brand consistency.

But as memes become more popular, even the foremost advanced lifestyle brands have begun to look at themselves to remain relevant and grow their following. Memes can greatly expand your reach, especially if your target consumer maybe a thousand or smaller.

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