Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar donates to the PM-Cares fund and CM Relief Fund, urges people to make contributions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic News

Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar donates to the PM-Cares fund and CM Relief Fund, urges people to make contributions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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Time icon April 14, 2020

In tough times like these, every Indian has shown unity to defeat the deadly coronavirus. Besides maintaining social distancing and staying at home in lockdown, many influential names have made a significant contribution to several causes. In such a crucial time, it is great to see people turn up and help the ones who are in need of money. With more than 9,000 confirmed cases in India, every contribution at this moment matters the most. Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar, who is popularly known as the Yuvraj of the Kanjari state in Gujarat has made a donation of Rs 11,000 from his savings to PM-CARES Fund and the CM Relief Fund each. He belongs from a royal family and is a public servant and a social activist. Since a very early age, he has been associated with many charities and he loves to empower people and help them under any capacity.

He is the son of Jaydrathsinh Ji Parmar who made a donation of Rs 1 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund led by Shri Vijay Rupani Ji. Jaydrathsinh Ji is a notable name in Gujarat who has been a minister since 10 years, while he has been elected as an MLA in the 128 Halol Constituency from a very long time, Mayurdhwajsinh is rightly taking all the inspiration from his father thus becoming a better personality in the state. A true icon for the youth, he started doing social works at a very early age and made a name for himself. Along with him, he collectively got many other businessmen together to make contribution amidst this pandemic. Panchmahal district collector, Amit Arora made an appeal to the people and many of them voluntarily made their contributions. Shaileshbhai Desai, from the automobile industry, donated Rs 2.11 lakh for the CM Relief Fund. Besides this, Kalrav School donated Rs 1.01 lakh and of Rs 51,000 in the CM Relief Fund and the PM-CARES Fund respectively.

“Less is more and whatever contribution people make is of great importance. No amount is more or less. My contribution may not be substantial but just like everyone, I am doing my bit to help the nation. What matters the most is people’s involvement in making the right contribution to such initiatives. Let’s show the coronavirus that there is nothing stronger than the unity amongst humans. Let humanity win over and we shall emerge as the winners at the end. All we need to do is stay at home and help all those needy and poor people who are struggling to meet their basic necessities of life.”, said Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar. Apart from his helpful and kind nature, he is also very down to earth person who understands the problems of the people thus helping them in the best possible way. Being a part of the BJP Yuva Morcha, many activists have associated with Parmar. Moreover, he even plans to start other initiatives for the underprivileged families in this situation of lockdown in the country.

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