Matilda The Musical To Debut On Netflix, This December

The rebel kids are back as Netflix releases the trailer of the very famous musical Matilda is coming on the OTT platform.

Even though the film is the adaption of the famous classic book Matilda this one is in a completely different form as the directors made it a musical tale.

The film stars Alisha Weir (Matilda), Emma Thompson (Miss Trunchbell), Lashana Lynch (Miss Honey), Stephen Graham (Mr. Wormwood), Andrea Riseborough (Mrs. Wormwood), Sindhu Vee (Mrs. Phelps), Charlie Hodson Prior (Bruce Bogtrotter) and Winter Jarrett Glasspool (Amanda Thripp).

There was an award-winning show which was also based on Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name. Now the film is also an adaptation and will consist of songs from the famous stage show.

A few days back Netflix dropped the first look of Matilda which will be released in December 2022.

Matilda is a young girl played by Alisha Weir, her backstory is that her mother use to not treat her rightly and use to be mean. Even though she face such hardships from her close ones she grew up to be a very brilliant girl. She use to read books as it was her escape and gained knowledge which made her a precocious kid. She is creative & has an extraordinary imagination and also has some superpowers.

She dares to stand against the wrong. Her powers are that she can move things with her mind, i.e also known as telekinesis. She is not afraid to do what’s right. Through the story of Matilda, we get to learn that the good always triumphs over the bad & we all are gifted with something or the other.

The trailer starts by giving us a glimpse of Chunchem hall and Trunchbell saying,” This school is full of rebels.” Further, we see the different scenes in the movies and how Trunchbell is so evil, with kids singing “revolting children” in the school.

The trailer concludes with Trunchbell saying to Matilda, ” Criminals like you need a real lesson.” And then we see her catching the plaits of a girl, revolving and throwing her far, by which the children get frightened.

Don’t forget to watch the trailer, here.

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