Match Review: Los Angeles Lakers VS Phoenix Suns, March 13, 2022

Match Review: Los Angeles Lakers VS Phoenix Suns, March 13, 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Phoenix Suns for the 3rd time this season. Coming into the game, the Lakers lost their last 2 meetings against them. With a potential 1st round matchup in the Western Conference Playoffs on the line, the Lakers were looking for a win.

The Lakers have been horrendous in their matchup, with LeBron James covering the 5 in absence of Anthony Davis. The team lacked cohesion as a unit and they got manhandled by the Suns. The game itself was not at all a sight to see for the Lakers fans.

LeBron reaches a new milestone

LeBron James seemed to be the only one who has been trying to get the team the win as he put up 31 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. The amount of frustration that is piling on LeBron due to his team’s inability to perform alongside him consistently might force him to leave the organization. On the bright side, James has now become the only player to score 30,000 points, grab 10,000 rebounds and dish 10,000 assists for his career.

The Lakers have turned the ball over 19 times compared to Suns’ 9. The reason being that in some possessions, the Lakers were making sloppy passes and dribbling the ball very non-chalantly as if begging the opponent to steal the ball.

Trade Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook has been the worst player in the Laker’s roster. He scored a measly 13 points along with 2 assists and 2 rebounds. He is consistently exposing his weakness to the entire league, holding the Lakers organization back when they need him the most. This will add more fuel to the Lakers fan base to harass Westbrook’s family members as they have done just a few days prior.

Spectacular Suns

The Phoenix Suns have been absolutely spectacular and they look like a championship team. Each player is aware of his role and plays towards the opponents’ weakness. Since the Laker’s had a weak interior presence, they basically rummaged it and grabbed offensive rebounds after rebounds, getting more opportunities to attack.

Devin Booker has been the best player in the Phoenix lineup with the absence of Chris Paul. He scored 30 points and dished out 10 assists. DeAndre Ayton has been sensational as well as he put up 23 points and grabbed 16 boards.

The game ended with a 140-111 win for the Suns making it 3-0 in the regular season series. Last year, the Lakers were knocked out by the Phoenix Suns in the 1st round. This year they have a high probability of seeing each other in the 1st round again. The Lakers will have to come up with some strategy changes if they want to compete for the title, else it is going to be a rainy day!

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