Match Review: Dallas Mavericks VS Brooklyn Nets, March 16, 2022

Match Review: Dallas Mavericks VS Brooklyn Nets, March 16, 2022

On Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks met the Brooklyn Nets for the 2nd time this season, aiming to even the regular season series. Coming into the match, the 5th seeded Mavericks were eyeing for the 4th seed with just 2 wins away. The Nets are in the 8th seed and a win shall bring them closer to the 7th seed. Kyrie Irving still cannot play at Brooklyn due to the Covid Vaccination Policy.

Star Comparison

Sparks started flying in the first quarter itself as the two teams featured their star players, Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant. Luka’s scoring and playmaking skills are like a gem waiting to be polished. It is halfway there and it looks like within 2 more years we are going to witness a different Luka Doncic.

Durant has already made a name for himself and is highly regarded as an unstoppable scorer with clutch genes. It was an interesting matchup to witness the two superstars working on surpassing the other.

Both players did not back down as Durant scored 23 points, dished 10 assists and grabbed 6 rebounds. However, Luka got the upper hand in this bout as he scored 37 points, passed out 9 assists and grabbed 9 boards. The crowd was mesmerized to witness the performance of the two. But, the main hero of the match weren’t the superstars.

Dinwiddie outshines

The former Brooklyn player, Spencer Dinwiddie, was the one who led the Mavericks to the victory. With under 10 seconds remaining,, Luka had the ball and got double teamed by Claxton and Durant. He kicked the ball out to an open Dinswiddie who drains the 3 point at the buzzer to win the game.

Dinwiddie continues to show his value to the team ever since he has been traded by the Washington Wizards in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis. For this game he score 22 points, dished 3 assists and stole the ball 3 times.

Goran Dragic played immensely well for the Nets as he scored 21 points for the entire game. He shot 56% from the field and he is getting back to form eyeing for the championship.

The Dallas Mavericks won this round with a scoreline of 113-111. It is clear right now that the Nets need Kyrie for the all of the games of the Playoffs. It will be extremely difficult for just Durant to manage the load of the team especially in such a tightly contested Eastern Conference.

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