Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Thank you for all of the franchise-defining superhero moments News

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Thank you for all of the franchise-defining superhero moments

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Time icon April 26, 2021

When Steve Rogers called out to the Avengers to ‘assemble’ before taking on Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, it was an emotional moment for fans all over the world (2019). It was an exciting moment for not only Marvel maniacs, but also Marvel Studios, as Cap gave the war cry, ‘Avengers Assemble,’ which was first said by Thor in The Avengers #10 in 1964. The production company, which had probably avoided using the term in previous films, was finally given its due.

While ‘Avengers Assemble’ was a great finale to The Infinity Story, it wasn’t the first time our heroes grouped together to face a mutual enemy. In all of its films, Marvel Studios succeeds at creating such excitement yet emotional moments, particularly when the team is involved.

For me, it all started with a particular scene in the 2012 film The Avengers. I’ve never been a big fan of superheroes, and this one happened by accident. But when the original six joined forces against the Chitauri and were caught by Joss Whedon’s camera, it changed everything for me.

The Avengers was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sixth film (MCU). I soon realised that Marvel succeeded at generating character impressions, something that its competitors struggled to do.

Marvel has brought us plenty of sequences to cheer for over the duration of its 11-year period. Even the post-credits shawarma lunch break, which came after a stressful climax, was delightful.

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