Marvel To Debut Two Transgender Superheroes

Marvel To Debut Two Transgender Superheroes

Marvel is planning to introduce a brand-new hero in the forthcoming 2022 edition of Marvel Voices: Pride! Earlier this week, it was reported that Marvel will be giving us a glimpse of Escapade who is a new transgender mutant superhero.

Marvel Voices: Pride #1 is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ characters and creators of the Marvel universe. When announcing the new heroes, Marvel gave us a little bit of information to go by. They revealed that their first adventure will be an intensely personal mission to the mutant country of Krakoa.

Escapade’s first entry will be a 20-page expedition which will be written by Charlie Jane Anders. The comic will be illustrated by Ted Brandt and Ro Stein. Escapade is an interesting character and her real name is Shela Sexton.

Coming to her superpowers, includes her instant toggling of physical locations with another person. She can trade any physical or abstract attributes like superhuman powers, skills, possessions, and even situations. As per the press release, she is a trans mutant who travels the universe as a professional thief. However, an incident changes Escapade’s life forever.

The press release also revealed the downsides of her power which includes her only being able to keep power for a few hours at a stretch. She must also be within seven feet of aiming and when the switch is more complicated, there are chances that it is more likely to be a disaster.

Escapade is with her buddy Morgan Red and they both travel the universe as seasoned thieves. However, this changes when they come across Destiny and Emma Frost which changes everything.

New Trans Mutant Might Appear In X-Men?

Escapade’s brilliant superpower is to change into a person into standing close to her. Both the characters are apparently transgender and are an important part of the plot. The writer thinks that her art will face rejection because she is transsexual. She wanted people to know that being a mutant is not a metaphor.

Another member of their team is a genetically modified turtle. As per the writer, she is a huge fan of the Marvel universe and keeps singing the original Spider-Man animation song. The writer hopes she inspires trans and non-binary people across the world.

Fans are expecting to see her in the world of X-Men. A rather harrowing prophecy is revealed in her destiny and she will return in the New Mutants’ special.

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