Marvel Introduces Future Versions Of Winter Soldier & Loki

Marvel Introduces Future Versions Of Winter Soldier & Loki

For the 30th anniversary of Marvel 2099, future versions of the Winter Soldier and Loki are about to be revealed. Fans will meet a new Winter Soldier and reunite with the Prince of Lies in a new Spider-Man 2099 limited series, which will take them back to the Marvel Universe’s fan-favorite future.

On Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, writer Steve Orlando collaborates with an all-star lineup of artists including Paul Fry, David Wachter, Marco Castiello, Ze Carlos, Alessandro Mircola, and Kim Jacinto, with each issue focusing on a different character or team. Spider-Man 2099: Exodus – Alpha #1 will kick things off in May.

When a Celestial falls to Earth in 2099, the world sees it as a way out of their bleak state of affairs. Miguel O’Hara then embarks on an adventure that takes Spider-Man 2099 to many locations around the Marvel Universe, including Asgard, the Wastelands, and the new home of mutant-kind.

However, a villainous organization known as The Cabal has its own intentions for the Celestial’s new paradise, with Marvel teasing a major reveal for The Cabal’s mystery head.

“Roving the spinner-racks and trading cards of the early 1990s, the world of 2099 was my first future dystopia, its neon haunted visions of Marvel’s future close to my heart. And at the forefront of that future, fighting as anyone with his name always has, for the everyday folks of the future? Miguel O’Hara. Spider-Man 2099. So here, decades later, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of 2099 is a dream come true! And there was never any question who’d be the face of this celebration…your friendly, futuristic Spider-Man!” Orlando said in a statement.

“Steve and this incredible lineup of artists…take you on a whirlwind tour of the Marvel U of 2099..”

“And for Miguel, this fight is bigger than ever, since it’s his first time going toe to toe with one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains. Let’s make history together in SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS — and lead the people of 2099 into a new tomorrow!”

“Steve and this incredible lineup of artists not only take you on a whirlwind tour of the Marvel U of 2099 but reveal some stunning secrets and deliver a time-breaking end no fan will want to miss,” Editor Mark Paniccia added.

Marvel Introduces Future Versions of Winter Soldier and ...

Winter Soldier 2099 and Loki 2099 are designed by Dave Wachter and Marco Castiello, respectively. With blueish hair and full-body armor, our new Winter Soldier wields a dagger in one hand and a red bandana around their neck.

The half-mask of the Winter Soldier can also be seen. The Prince of Outcasts, Loki 2099, wears a long green jacket, kneepads, and boots. He has long black hair and wears a bag, giving him the appearance of a globetrotting wanderer.

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus – Alpha #1, written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Paul Fry, will be released on May 4th. Orlando wrote Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #1 and Dave Wachter illustrated it. Finally, Orlando writes Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2, which is illustrated by Marco Castiello.

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