“Long Live the King”: ARTBYMRNICE’s Homage to Elvis Receives an Overwhelming Response on Instagram

Instagram is a platform dealing in the power of visual mediums. First created to be a photo sharing social media space, Instagram has now evolved into a global platform for powerful visuals. In recent years, the art world has begun to showcase its most unique work in the feeds of Instagram users. Mixed media artist ARTBYMRNICE has been sharing his striking pieces via the platform, and his latest creation, “Long Live the King,” is receiving a passionate response there.

The 46’x36’ wooden canvas piece was created with acrylic and spray paint and finished in resin. The striking focal point of “Long Live the King” is Elvis Presley’s infamous 1956 mugshot, captured when he was taken into custody over a minor dispute at a gas station. The piece received a positive response as soon as it was uploaded, with the homage to the King of Rock and Roll drawing in followers and helping them discover more of ARTBYMRNICE’s art-pop, neon-infused mixed media pieces. The power of “Long Live the King” lies within its evocative imagery, with the mugshot portraying a rebel-without-a-cause energy that is juxtaposed with the child-like innocence of images of Mickey Mouse and Superman. The obstructed view of a raised American flag helps tie the piece together as a beautiful helping of homespun Americana. The piece continues to accumulate views and likes on Instagram and looks set to help ARTBYMRNICE’s popularity as an artistic innovator rise.

Using familiar cartoon images combined with exuberant color and wild graffiti text, the London-born ARTBYMRNICE offers his bright and eclectic art pieces via his website. Using the immense power of Instagram to share his art, the Los Angeles-based multi-media artist is building a buzz in art circles and social media feeds alike.

The power of a piece of art always lies within the response it receives, which acts as a barometer for the influence it has on the world that it was created within.


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