Logan Paul Took Some Brutal Shots At Floyd Mayweather’s Money

Once again Logan Paul is in the headlines for finally revealing how much Floyd Mayweather owes him for a fight. Though, it’s been over a year since they locked horns in their boxing exhibition. But the fallout from their last fight still continued to rumble between them. As Logan Paul claims that Floyd still owed some money to him.

Logan Paul hasn’t been shy while telling people about it. According to him, he was paid a fight for his part in the fight, but he still owed a few million more from what he was slated to make. To get the score settled, he has gone to the legal route too.

Between all this, Floyd claimed that Logan Paul has cleared his dues and even asked for a rematch. Now, the YouTube star is taking a dig at the boxing legend. On June 14, Logan kicked things off by putting Floyd firmly back in the crosshairs and roasted him from Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant Podcast.

“Floyd Mayweather, you punch drunk idiot. Read my lips..oh wait, you can’t!” Logan said. “Where’s my money bitch? Floyd never paid me for our fight. Who am I, the IRS? You can’t dodge taxes like you do punches, dummy”. Discussing the amount of how much Floyd still owes him, Logan said the figure is $5 million.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.