Logan Paul To Run for President in 2032?

Logan Paul is a well-known public figure, who you may know for his youtube channels with millions of subscribers and/or boxing career.

Logan is a YouTuber, musician, actor, filmmaker, and professional boxer from the United States. Logan began his career as a Vine creator before transitioning to YouTube following Vine’s demise. In 2017, his channel was the sixth fastest-growing on YouTube, and as a result, he made the top 50 most subscribed list late that year, making him the youngest individual on that list. His channel is the 130th most subscribed channel in the world as of February 2020.

The influencer originally expressed interest in running for president in 2020. where he stated on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that he would become President of the United States before dying.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Paul reiterated his ambition to run in two election cycles from now.

Toward the end of his Wall Street Journal interview, Paul looked down the barrel of the camera and declared, “I, Logan Paul, will run for President in 2032.” Depending on how seriously people take it, the disclosure could rock Hollywood and many in politics, eliciting reactions ranging from incredulity to mild mocking. Logan Paul is no new to controversy, and this proclamation would undoubtedly add gasoline to the fire when it comes to people talking about him, but it would not surprise anyone if he followed through on it.

Paul is no stranger to controversies and has, on multiple occasions, enraged people with his antics that ranged from tasering dead rats to encouraging his viewers to eat tide pods. In 2018, YouTube was forced to update its policies following Paul’s visit to Japan, which featured capturing a dead body of a suicide victim on camera.

Logan Paul’s Plans For Brother Jake Paul

Logan was asked about a post in his cabinet for his brother Jake Paul, and he responded quickly. “Jake is Secretary of Defense,” he replied, indicating that he has some big plans for his younger brother.

It’s not clear at this point if Logan Paul wants to run as a Democrat, Republican or even an independent, but those who follow Paul brothers already know where their interests lie.

Originally, Paul planned to run when he was 50, giving himself time to mature as an individual and gain wisdom before making the leap, but the desire to enter politics may lead him to go all-in sooner than envisaged.

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