Logan Paul Says Moneykicks Will Get Knocked Out By Floyd Mayweather

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is gearing up for another fight that is scheduled to take place in Dubai on a helipad 688 feet above the ocean. The veteran boxing champion will lock horns in the ring against Dubai’s richest influencer Moneykicks aka Rashed Belhasa.

Moneykicks has a two fight experience in his boxing career. Talking about the fight, he recently revealed that his team is in the final stage of talks with Floyd Mayweather to get the fight scheduled.

Moneykicks has also revealed that he had a conversation with Logan Paul and the American YouTuber shared valuable advice with Moneykicks.

Logan Paul Advices Moneykicks

Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather is in early 2021 as well and is the most ideal person to give some words of advice and motivation to Moneykicks. However, what did Logan Paul really tell Moneykicks?

In a video that surfaced on TikTok, Logan Paul is seen on a FaceTime call with Rashed Belhasa.

‘Are you gonna beat him’, beging Logan. Moneykicks says “I had to call you you know.. I was like Logan, man this guy really wants to fight me”.

‘Yo Rashed I love you but you’re not gonna beat Floyd. You’re gonna get knocked the f**k out.”

Moneykicks Admits Defeat?

Moenykick admitted that he knows he will not be able to beat Floyd Mayweather. “I know that bro. I am not stupid and I don’t play myself. He is Floyd Mayweather’.

“Floyd is gonna get in there and what he did with the Japanese boxer, he is trying to do that to you”

Moneykicks says “He told me to flinch a lot, and to move a lot, because Mayweather is a fast guy who has experience.”

“If I knock him out, I would not sleep for a year!” he added.

The internet has already gone crazy with the news of Floyd Mayweather planning to fight an influencer once again [after his 2021 bout with Logan Paul that lasted eight rounds]. While some may feel that Floyd is degrading his legacy with such fights, it’s just another ‘legal bank robbery’ for him.

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