Logan Paul Reveals That He Has Decided To Stop Doing Drugs

Logan Paul is one of the biggest names on the internet. He does everything from YouTube, TikTok, Boxing, Pokemon card collection and what not. More recently, the elder Paul brother has been very inactive on his personal YouTube channel.

However, Logan Paul regularly shares some insights of his life through Instagram and via his podcast channel IMPAULSIVE. Logan Paul also has a very important announcement coming in on January 3rd with fellow YouTuber KSI.

On 1st January, 2022 [new year], the YouTuber shared his story of deciding to quit smoking weed and how it has been going for him so far. Logan Paul revealed that he made the decision to stop drugs on December 24, 2021 and the following week was ‘one of the hardest weeks of 2021’ for him.

‘Hardest Week Of 2021’

Taking to his Instagram, he shared a post with a lengthy caption talking about his current state of health. He also shared that he had been affected with food poisoning and was unable to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with his friends.

“super fun New Years story: i quit smoking w33d on December 24, been having some pretty nasty withdrawals (loss of appetite, insomnia, extreme irritability) — by far the hardest week of 2021 for me.”

“Then yesterday on NYE, I got food poisoning (which was odd because all I had was a tiny croissant & a latte in the morning). I threw up 40+ times and spent the evening sweating in bed… AND all the pharmacies were closed so I couldn’t get any medicine. I was so dehydrated that I begged the only emergency ambulance in the city to hook me up to an IV so I could replenish and go out with my friends. They said it wasn’t possible unless they took me to the hospital. Obviously f**k that”

The Involuntary Reset

Logan Paul then concluded the post with a self-made theory that he believes in. Here is what he wrote:

“Coincidentally, this is the third New Years in a row where I’ve been deathly ill, so I theorized: perhaps life has made the beginning of the past few years a nightmare for me so I appreciate the remaining 364 days. I consider it an involuntary “reset.” Having been physically and mentally humbled (again), it’s only up from here.”

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