Logan Paul Finally Impresses WWE Fans On Friday Night SmackDown – Here’s How

Logan Paul has slowly been becoming a regular appearance on WWE! After his brief and successful stint with boxing, the YouTube and Internet Sensation Logan Paul is getting himself involved with wrestling.

Given Logan’s past record of being an amateur wrestler during his high school days, WWE is something that would fit him well. At least, that’s what we thought so.

WWE Fans ‘Boo’ Logan Paul

Logan Paul has made 4 appearances at WWE so far. Five, including his latest Friday night appearance on SmackDown. But how did his camera time go? Was Logan appreciated by the crowd? Actually not.

Each time Logan Paul entered the ring, he was met with a chorus of boos by the WWE fans in the crowd. He debuted on Friday Night SmackDown and followed it up with appearances at WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw, and SummerSlam.

How Did Paul Change That?

However, things were up for a change this time. The latest appearance of the elder Paul Brother saw him continue his spat with wrestler Kevin Owens and guess what? The crowd loved Logan’s viral TikTok reference this time. The boos finally rested down!

Kevin labelled Logan Paul as ‘one of the most self-centered, egotistical, delusional useless pieces of trash ever to step foot in a WWE ring.”

As Logan Paul and Kevin Owens were about to battle it out, Corbin struck Owens with a cheap shot and choke slammed him into the canvas.

Once KO was on the ground, Logan Paul took this opportunity to yell in the mic “You’re not that guy, pal! You’re not that guy!” – a reference to the hilarious viral TikTok video of a elderly man aggressively yelling at a teenager over them wearing a face mask in a grocery store.

Fans feel that the elder Paul brother is an “entertaining” and an “amazing heel” inside that WWE ring! Talk about converting haters to your fans and Logan Paul is here!


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