Logan Paul Gives A Glimpse Of His NFT Collection Worth Over $1 Million

The cryptocurrencies spaces was already experiencing a massive boom in interest with social media personalities joining in on the craze.

But now, there’s the new craze in town – NFTs. While the term may sound intimidating to first timers, its rather simple.

What Are NFTs?

But what are NFTs? In layman terms, a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique digital piece of art.

It is also related to cryptocurrencies since the buying and selling of NFTs operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

Logan Paul’s NFT Buying Spree

YouTube turned Pro Boxer Logan Paul has also been active in the NFT space lately. According to the elder Paul brother, NFTs are going to be a household affair in the near future and his investments in digital art and craft are growing bigger by time.

Recently, on August 15th Logan Paul revealed in a tweet that he has spent $1 Million in buying different sorts of NFTs. Here’s the original tweet:

Its not quite surprising to see Logan Paul going all-in on NFT because he is known for spending a lot of money on things that excite him. Recently he also spent bog dollars in building a Pokemon card collection.

World Of Women NFT Collection

But that’s not it about it. Logan has showed a glimpse of his new ‘WorldOfWomen’ NFT collection in a separate tweet. The World of Women NFT has 10,000 unique and diverse arts of women.

Logan Paul, talking about the World of Women NFT project said “10/10 art, community, & purpose… @YKarkai is paving the way”

There are four NFTs which Logan invested in from WorldofWomen. One of them costs $160k while another was worth around $170k when Logan purchased it. He shared the pictures on his Instagram stories as well.

Do you think Logan Paul is early in the game? Tell us in the game if you feel the elder Paul brother is an early adopter of the disruptive world of NFTs.


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