Logan Paul And KSI Go Undercover As Prime Hydration Salesmen

Two of the biggest Internet stars Logan Paul and KSI surprised the world when they came together as business partners for a brand new hydration drink company called ‘PRIME’ early on this year. Logan and KSI have had commendable success with Prime Hydration Drink, selling it out within four hours during the USA launch.

We have also covered a story on how you can buy Prime hydration drink so make sure to get your hands on PRIME when it restocks. 

‘Do You Want To Hydrate?’

In the latest YouTube video of Logan Paul titled “Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover At Walmart”, he goes undercover at a Walmart store pretending to be an employee of his own company trying to sell the drink to people. Of course, he was tagged along with his business partner and fellow YouTuber KSI.

The video has crossed over 2.2 million views within 24 hours of release. In the video, KSI is seen talking to a Walmart customer “You look very dehydrated, so I thought you need some PRIME”.

In a hilarious turn of events, KSI ran up to an unassuming woman, shouting, “DO YOU WANT TO HYDRATE?” while trying to complete his sales quota.

Logan and KSI As PRIME Salespeople

The Prime Hydration Drink undercover duo had super fun doing the gig as salespeople of the company and ended up selling a whole lot of stock. They set up a free sample stand that attracted a massive crowd and enabled them to personally sell their drink to the customers. Little did people know that the two salespeople are the owners of the Prime Hydration Drink company.

Later on in the video, Logan and KSI meet some fans at Walmart and have some fun with them too. Watch the official video below:

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