Lizzo Praises Harry Styles after Their First Meeting

Lizzo Praises Harry Styles after Their First Meeting

Singer Lizzo during the in her recent chat with the Spout Podcast opened up about her meeting with the former One Direction Vocalist Harry Styles. The hit maker opened about meeting Styles in her first meeting. The superstars were loved by their fans for their friendship and their bonding which had occasionally turned and resulted into legendry performances. After the duo’s noteworthy performance on Coachella together when during that time Styles had brought on Lizzo as a surprise guest, and then fans have been excited about their future endeavours together.

Lizzo Became Style’s Fan after SNL

While during the recent chat with the Spout Podcast, Lizzo had opened up about her first “interesting” meeting with the former One Direction member Styles. While she had also joked, and said “How much of this story do I tell?”  After that Lizzo started to narrate her story and said about the details regarding how she had first became acquainted with the singer. Lizzo had also revealed that she had become a fan of Styles after she had seen him performing on Saturday Night Live. She further went on to say about Styles, “I saw him on SNL and I was like, oh, my gosh. This is incredible music.”

She even further went on to add “And then he did Juice in his Live Lounge and I was like, oh my gosh, there’s a mutual respect here.”  After that she went on to describe about her and Hary’s first meeting. She went on to say, “There was a show that we were going to do together and it was like, okay, we got to go to Miami to do this show. Let’s split a jet.  She further continued saying, that she had met Harry basically on a jet, and after that both of them flew to Miami together for our first time meeting, and they were even talking for a long time.

She had also complimented Styles and said, “He’s a great person, a great listener, a really good listener and really cares about how you feel, and very funny. So that’s an interesting way to meet somebody for the first time for people with social anxiety.”

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