Lee Jung Jae Talks About First Meeting Taehyung of BTS

A well-known personality in the Korean acting scene, actor Lee Jung Jae has spent many years working on a variety of successful projects. Due to his portrayal as Seong Gi Hun in the drama “Squid Game,” his reputation gained international notoriety in 2021. The actor was subsequently chosen for a part in the upcoming series “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” but he was unable to give any further details.

Everyone is interested to know how the surprising relationship between the elder actor and Kim Taehyung nicknamed V, the social butterfly of BTS, got started. Lee Jung Jae answered all queries by saying that they happened to meet in a private place by accident. He continued by describing how the younger K-pop star and actor complimented him on his friendliness and how they immediately exchanged phone numbers.

“I ran into him at a private gathering. We exchanged contact information. He let me hear a song he was working on. He is not only attractive in appearance, but also in personality. I understood why he was so loved worldwide.”

Fans speculate that the song Lee Jung Jae heard from the BTS member at the time is called “Christmas Tree.” Lee Jung Jae said that the song was only about halfway done when he played it to the “Squid Game” star. Lee Jung Jae lauded V, who is recognised for his stunning visuals, saying that he is attractive not only in looks but also in personality. Lee Jung Jae said, “There seems to be a reason why V is adored all around the world.”

Although he was coy about the specifics, the actor did mention that season 2 production for Squid Game may start in the summer and most likely last for 10 months, exactly like the first season. Regarding the delay brought on by COVID-19 the first time around, it is anticipated that the longer production schedule for the forthcoming season will similarly necessitate a 10-month filming window. The actor predicts a longer shooting schedule in order to meet the demands of the increasingly international audience the programme has amassed. Lee Jung Jae and Lee Byung Hun will likely play the key parts in “Squid Game 2,” which is said to centre on a vengeance story.


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