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Latest: Brad Pitt Attempt Of Kids Joint Custody Denied

Brad Pitt found himself asking the California Supreme Court to review his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. And again he found himself hitting a roadblock. In September, Brad’s attorneys petitioned the high court to review the case after Judge John Ouderkirk taken off the case.

The previous ruling that granted Brad joint custody of his five minor children voided. On Oct 27, the high court upload the appellate court’s disqualification. Which was a blow to Brad’s quest to get more time with his little ones.

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The decisions “was based on a technical procedural issue,” a rep for Brad told People. The Supreme Court’s decision not to review that procedural issue does not change the extraordinary amount of factual evidence. This led the trial judge and the many experts who testified to reach their clear conclusion about what is in the children’s interests.

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“We are seeking review in the California Supreme Court. Because the temporary judge had been appointed and repeatedly renewed by both sides, was improperly disqualified. After providing a detailed, fact-based custodial decision. Following a lengthy legal process with multiple witnesses and experts,” Brad’s lawyer Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. of GIBSON DUNN told.

Perfect Parent

When it comes to raising her children, Angelina Jolie says she is “interested in all of the different elements of who they are,” and her top objective is to “be there to support and grow all of the different aspects of who they are.” “They’re fairly fantastic people,” Jolie, 46, told PEOPLE, “and I think they’ve had a very major effect on each other because there are so many of them.” It’s not as if I’m in charge of anything. With my children, I am completely open and honest. And when it comes to my children, I’m really emotional.”

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