Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Marriage Plans Revealed

After on and off relationship with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner finally plans out her wedding. As per the sources, the couple has discussed marriage in great lengths over the years. Indeed, they are very specific view on their future together with their children.

The lovebirds definitely want marriage in the near future. Travis and Kylie Jenner share two beautiful children Stormi and Wolf. Also, they have enjoyed an off and on relationship since 4 years. So, before taking the big step and getting hitched, the couple is thinking about the decision.

One of the insider told that Kylie’s family would love to see them together and Travis proposing her but there’s no pressure from others. “That’s not to say he hasn’t thought about what his proposal to Kylie would look like. Marriage is something they’ve discussed in great lengths over the years and something they absolutely both want”.

Travis About Kylie

“But this isn’t a typical situation with typical people,” the source continued. “There is a lot of money involved and it affects every aspect of their lives. The love is obviously there but there is a great deal of assets to protect on both sides. There are countless variables they must take into consideration before a marriage happens. But they’ve definitely taken steps to get there so it’s only a matter of time.

“In addition to thinking about a future marriage, Travis recently showed his appreciation for Kylie by taking her on an incredible Turks and Caicos vacation for Mother’s Day. “Travis wanted to take Kylie away for Mother’s Day because he really wanted to show her how special she is to him,” a second source recently told. “He is getting ready to get back to performing and touring again and he thought it would be super special to get away with just them and their children”.

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