KSI Admits He Misses Ex-Girlfriend And Is In Therapy Due To Imposter Syndrome

British YouTuber KSI has been in the news lately, be it for his super-hit music or for his latest business partnership with Logan Paul for the PRIME Hydration Drink. However, even after achieving massive success, the YouTuber admitted that he doubts his achievements and feels that he has imposter syndrome.

KSI appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast for the second time on January 11. During the episode, they discussed different subjects, with one of them being KSI’s cryptic tweets that he has been sending out lately. KSI has been posting tweets about love life and heartbreak off late which got the Impaulsive crew worried.

‘I Miss Her’

When Logan Paul asked KSI what his tweets meant, this is what KSI said:

“Whenever I am alone and I’m listening to certain music, I am like.. f**k I miss her man”.

Logan Paul also questioned whether KSI got the answer to his tweet in which he asked “What is true love?”.

In November 2021, the British YouTuber revealed that he has broken up with his girlfriend, whose identity was never disclosed on the internet.

‘I Have A Little Bit Identity Crisis’

“I think I am still dealing with this.. especially this past few years have been fast man. Everything with boxing, music, even YouTube Sidemen. I just didn’t ever think we’d be at this point. So it has just been a lot for me to figure out who I am. I think I have had a little bit identity crisis. Personality disorder, something like that”.

While the conversation was going on and KSI struggled to describe what he feels like, the producer of Impaulsive brought out the ‘imposter syndrome’ word which immediately clicked with KSI.

‘I recently got a therapist because I think I just need one. I need to be able to talk to someone about my thoughts, my feelings, and about what the f**k is going on my life. Sometimes it gets too much”.

(Topic starts 2:00 – 6:50)

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