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Kriti Sanon shares a heart-wrenching poem after cases of domestic violence rise in the country

As the cases of domestic violence have risen in the country amid the lockdown, Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has penned down a powerful poem!

While the country is fighting with a pandemic, the cases of domestic violence have increased. Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has reacted on the situation penning down a powerful poem.

While sharing a video of hers reciting the poem, she wrote in the captions, “It breaks my heart to read that the domestic violence cases have almost doubled up during the lockdown period! About 700 cases alone in Punjab! And these are just the ones Registered! Imagine how many are not reported!.”

She added on saying, “ONLY YOU can control your life.. so stand up for yourself! Its NOT OK for anyone to physically hurt you.. no matter what the reason is! ITS NOT OK!”

Check out her video here:


The actress also shared the helpline numbers and urged women to be strong and stand up against domestic violence. She had written the poem back when she was in standard 11th. It was after she had heard the heart-wrenching story of her domestic help.

Meanwhile, Kriti Sanon has been living with her parents and sister in the lockdown.

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