Kristen Bell Officially Confirms Frozen 3 Says “Let’s do it”

Looks like Anna of Frozen just confirmed another sequel for the film!

It’s almost 4 years since Frozen 2 was out and now it seems like there are chances of us getting Anna, Olaf, Elsa, and Reindeer Sven back with the Frozen 3 sequel.

Kristen Bell arrived at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her new book named “The world needs more purple school.” It was not just her first book but previously she also wrote a book called “The world needs more purple people” which was a New York Times Bestseller.

While Jimmy and Kristen were having a discussion on her book. Jimmy talked about the Easter egg of Frozen in her book, he pointed out a dialogue of a character in the book which said, “Just let it go, Let it go.” this is a reference to a frozen let-it-go song.

Further on a little reference to Frozen, he asked Kristen about the next sequel. To that, she responded, “I would like to officially announce the sequel with zero authority, Frozen 3.” She also clarified that she mentioned the word “zero authority” which means that she is not the one in charge to be announcing anything related to the sequel.

Further adding to the discussion Jimmy asked about is there anything related to Frozen 3 in the works or happening to which she replied, ” I’ll keep it mysterious. But I know Idina recently said she would do it and I feel like if we’re all in. What are we waiting for??.”

She concluded the topic by saying, “We all want it, let’s do it.”

Kristen Bell plays the role of Anna who is the sister of Elsa played by Idina Menzel. Further, any announcements regarding the film haven’t been made yet.

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