Kourtney Kardashian Faces Major Backlash For Promoting Kanye’s Presidential Merch

Kourtney Kardashian got a lot of backlashes recently and was called ‘reckless’. She shared an Instagram post which included a hat from Kanye West’s presidential campaign website.

The reality star showed support to her brother-in-law, Kanye recently before the US presidential election. However, it backfired and was met with a lot of anger not just from fans but also celebrities.

Kanye is now on the ballot in 12 states (however, he’s listed as the running mate alongside American Independent Party presidential nominee Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente in California). Kourtney posted on Instagram a selfie of herself donning a “Vote Kanye” hat. She even provided a link to buy the hat from Kanye’s presidential campaign website.

Kanye has been receiving a lot of backlash from the time he has announced that he will be running for this year’s presidential election. Many Americans worry that Kanye might be driving votes away from the presidential candidate, Joe Biden. This is why fans did not take Kourtney’s support well.

Kourtney and her sisters have an enormous platform that can make a lot of difference because of which people are outraged. One user tweeted, Kourtney Kardashian posting an insta story to her 102 MILLION followers encouraging them to vote for Kanye is one of the most irresponsible, egregious and reckless uses of that family’s platform that I’ve ever seen.”

Kourtney Accused Of Being ‘Reckless’

Kourtney Kardashian vote Kanye hat Credit: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Another critic noted that Donald Trump has made immigration policies that have torn apart a lot of families. And his administration during the time of this ongoing pandemic has also proved to be a disappointment. The user wrote that they thought Kourtney was sensible. The critic continued, “Kids have been locked in cages. 200,000+ Americans dead. And she is using her platform to promote voting for Kanye. Madness.”

Celebrities like Kameron Michaels, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Tyler Oakley also shared the sentiment of critics. Kameron wrote, “I had to check for myself [emoji] I don’t care if this is a mistake or a joke. Your platform is too big for you to do anything irresponsible like this. Fix it @kourtneykardash and do NOT write in or vote for @kanyewest”

Meanwhile, Tyler simply tweeted, “this is so embarrassing” with Kourtney’s post attached to it. Another user said they find the Poosh founder’s post, hypocritical. Because Kourtney has built a healthy lifestyle brand named Poosh. The user accused the star of deeming herself as a person who wants a kinder, cleaner, and better world for her kids.

However, despite her claims, the user accused the KUWTK star of “recklessly promoting a Vote For Kanye”. According to the critic, it equals a vote for Trump.

Even on Kourtney’s lifestyle brand Poosh, there was another merch from Kanye’s presidential campaign website. She listed one of Kanye’s 2020 Vision Double Layered Hoodie as one of the “Best Voter Merch”.


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