Kim Kardashian takes a page from Kanye West and dresses in a head-to-toe leather costume in NYC

Kim Kardashian appeared to be drawing fashion ideas from her ex husband Kanye West when she stepped out lately in a head-to-toe, fully covered outfit. Kim turned attention as she arrived in New York ahead of the Met Gala, wearing a leather mask that completely covered her face, an overcoat, and black leather heels.

Kim’s attire was similar of Kanye West, who has worn similar outfits on numerous occasions, including his recently held Donda concert, where the singer was photographed wearing a full head mask. Kim also turned to social media to share photos of her unique Balenciaga leather suit, which she captioned with a knife emoji.

Head to Toe Costume

Kim was photographed wearing a daring ensemble that includes a trench coat, matching gloves, pants, and stiletto boots all made of black leather. The focus of her outfit, though, remained the mask, which was entirely covered in the front and only had a little opening in the rear to show off her long hair.

This isn’t Kim’s first time wearing an outfit like this. Previously, she was seen wearing a long-sleeved top and a complete face mask over her head while joining West at his Donda album listening session.

With Kardashian’s latest leather outfit, fans are now waiting her presence at this year’s Met Gala, where she will amaze everyone with her clothing. Kardashian has made news in the past few years for her Met Gala costumes, and it appears like she will do so again this year.


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