Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence on Kanye West’s Bipolar Episode

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram on Wednesday to finally respond after Kanye West’s chaotic rally and Twitter rant. She writes a heartfelt note addressing the media and their family and friends.

Kim says her family is powerless in this situation and defends Kanye’s words. She calls her husband ‘brilliant but complicated’ and assures that his words sometimes do not align with his intentions.

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The rapper went on a Twitter rant again claiming he has been trying to get divorced from Kim after she met Meek Mill for discussing prison reform. The rapper went on a rant that Kim went over the line when she met Meek Mill. He claims Kim went to talk about prison reform and also blasted on mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

Kanye called her ‘Kris-Jong-Un’ and accused them of white supremacy. The rapper also ranted about Kim and Kris trying to fly with two doctors to have him hospitalized. This comes after concerns about his health after his shocking yet chaotic presidential rally.

Kim shared three stories on her Instagram addressing his bipolar disorder. She said the people who understand mental illness, know that the family is powerless. The reality star says her family would be able to do something if they were dealing with a minor.

The reality TV star acknowledges that Kanye will be criticized because he is a public figure. She says that because of that his actions can receive strong opinions from people. Defending her husband, Kim says Kanye is brilliant but complicated who not only has the pressure of being an artist but also a black man. She also says that he had suffered the pain of losing his mother and had to deal with the pressure and isolation that came with his bipolar disorder as well.

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Kim Defends Kanye’s Words

Kanye tweeted about Kim and Kris trying to fly with two doctors again. He says it is to lock him up but it is only because of concerns about his well-being. ‘Kris and Kim put out a statement without my approval… that’s not what a wife should do,’ Kanye said. It was reported that Kim was upset about Kanye’s recent antics. A source revealed that Kardashians are confused because they don’t know what to do. Kanye does not seem receptive to accepting help.

However, Kanye deleted his tweets almost half-an-hour later. He signed off as coming from the future President. Sources also claim that Kim and Kanye have been living apart and have been at each other’s throats. They are said to have ‘daily bust-ups’ amid lockdown.

Kim wrote, “As many of you know, Kanye has bi-polar disorder. Anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand”. She says she has never spoken about the problems they face in the family because of the disorder. The TV star said it is because she is very protective of her children and Kanye’s right to privacy. However, she clarified she feels like she should comment about it now because of the misconceptions of mental health.

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Kim explained that people who have no experience in this area will be judgmental. They will not understand that the individuals themselves have to engage in the process of getting help. She continued, ‘Living with bipolar disorder does not diminish or invalidate his dreams and his creative ideas, no matter how big or unobtainable they may feel to some. That is part of his genius and as we have all witnessed, many of his big dreams have come true.’

Kanye’s Twitter Rant Raises Concern

Kim Kardashian earned a lot of praise from Meek Mill after the rapper called her a friend and was grateful that she was doing good work. Although the purpose of the meeting is still unclear. Meek and Kim both attended a Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles in November 2018. They met at Jeremy Hotel and not Wardolf as Kanye mentioned.

Kanye also tweeted saying Meek is his man and was respectful. He quickly wheeled off saying his worth is $500 million and more through Christ. The rapper went on to say that they did not listen to Michael Jackson and now they believe them. It is still unclear what Kanye was trying to say.

His tweets also mentioned Drake and Kim’s friend Larsa Pippen without a proper explanation. He asked if he needs to name more people. A weird reference to Michael Jackson and his nemesis and former Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola was also a part of the rant. The rapper said MJ told them about Tommy before they killed him. He further mentioned the abortion that he talked about in his rally.

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Kanye said Kim saved their daughter’s life in the name of Jesus. He continued, ‘It’s God’s choice only I will live for my children Kris I’m in Cody if your not planning another one of your children’s playboy shoots.’

Kanye made several comments during a chaotic speech at his very first presidential rally. It was held in North Charleston’s Exquis Event Center in South Carolina on Sunday.

Kanye’s Rant on Twitter

The rapper revealed in his rally that he and Kim had considered aborting North before he got a message from God. These comments from his chaotic presidential rally have left Kim and her family rather upset and alarmed. The rally came after two weeks of announcing his presidential bid.

‘I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf [sic] for ‘prison reform”, Kanye said, adding: ‘This my lady tweet of the night… Kris Jong-Un’. Going off on another topic, Kanye mentioned Lil Baby is his favorite rapper but he won’t do a song with him.

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A source revealed that the family is shocked beyond words by the personal revelation from Kanye. They feel he requires desperate professional help for what they think is a bipolar episode. His family and friends are very concerned and upset about Kanye’s comments on the rally. They feel he is becoming a distraction to many important elections.

On Monday night, Kanye took to Twitter with a series of tweets and screengrabs. Although deleted several tweets after an hour of posting them. The rapper demanded Kim and Kris call him at the Oregon ranch where he is staying in one of the tweets.

‘Everybody knows the movie get out is about me.’

West wrote, ‘Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor’ and demanded ‘Kriss [sic] and Kim call me now.’ He followed the tweet with a screengrab he sent to Kris asking her if she is ready to talk now or is she still avoiding him. Both these tweets were later deleted.

The rapper further tweeted that if he gets locked up like Mandela they will know why. In another since-deleted tweet, he wrote: ‘Kriss [sic] don’t play with me you and that calmye are not allowed around my children Ya’ll tried to lock me up’. Seconds later, he tweeted: ‘Everybody knows the movie get out is about me.’

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Kanye also tweeted about Kim’s sex tape and wrote he put his life on the line for his children that Kim would never sell the tape. I put my life on my God that North’s mom would never photograph her doing playboy and that’s on God,’ he added, revealing ‘I’m at the ranch … come and get me.’

The rapper also went on to tweet that West children will never do playboy along with a picture of him with his kids. ‘I love my wife My family must live next to me It’s not up to E or NBC anymore,’ West tweeted. E is the TV network and parent company of the reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The source revealed previously that Kardashian lost her mind when she saw Kanye tearfully screaming about the abortion discussion regarding their first child. Although Kanye has said explaining his statements saying it was because he needed attention for his campaign.

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