Killer Kross recalls how Jon Moxley gave him the WWE Reference

Killer Kross recalls how Jon Moxley gave him the WWE Reference

In an interaction with Renee Paquette on her show “Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette”, former WWE star Killer Kross talked about an independent wrestling match he had against Paquette’s husband, AEW star Jon Moxley, back in 2019. Kross detailed how the match came together, starting with him taking the initiative to try to get Moxley’s attention.

We are doing this old school – Killer Kross’ Story

“Jon leaves WWE,” Kross said. “I think to myself, ‘I’m starving on the indies. And I just want to work with people that are better than me. I want to be in the ring with people who have done this at the highest level.’ And all of sudden, he’s independent. I’m looking on the internet and I’m like, ‘no one’s attempting to create some sort of feud or reach out to him to see if he’s willing to work. No one’s trying to sell tickets with him.’ I’m like, ‘are you guys insane?’

So I basically put this promo together, it was like a short vignette trying to test the waters to see if he’d be interested and to see if it would work. Not knowing him but having mutual friends, I didn’t want to call and ask him for his number. I’m not that guy. I was like, ‘I’m just going to put something out there and see if people want to see this.’ Sure enough, there was an interest. Jon randomly texts me and he’s like, ‘hey, what’s going on?’ We start talking. I’m like, ‘I’m running a show in Las Vegas, Natural Born Killers.’

It was like a mix between UWFI Japan, a little bit like Bloodsport. I was trying to create an environment in Vegas to prepare people to go to Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. So I was like, ‘this is what I’m doing.’ He was like, ‘don’t tell anybody I’m showing up.’ And I didn’t tell anybody. Not even the promoter knew until the day of. I was like, ‘we’re doing this old school, we’re not telling anybody. I’m going to wrestle Dan Severn and then afterward, somebody’s going to show up.’”

The match would ultimately end with Moxley and Killer Kross wrestling to a draw, with both wrestlers coming out pretty satisfied with the result. Killer Kross would go on to reveal that Moxley gave him advice after the match, as well as Triple H’s phone number so Kross could contact him about potentially joining WWE. Moxley is known in Wrestling Community as a helpful person, always there for his colleagues in times of need.

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