Khloe Kardashian Denies Getting Back Together With Tristan Thompson

Recent reports claimed that Khloe Kardashian was getting back together with ex Tristan Thompson. However, Khloe says she is not back together with Tristan.

It is claimed that Khloe is beyond happy and hopes that Tristan has changed so they can be together. A representative of Khloe responded to the claims of the couple getting back together saying the rumors are not true. They claim that Khloe is simply enjoying her time co-parenting with Tristan.

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This comes after Tristan was spotted picking up three pizzas in Calabasas on Sunday. An entertainment portal reported that Khloe loves having th NBA player around as he has a great relationship with their daughter, True. It was also added that he has been treating Khloe well and that they are very much together.

The reports further stated that the couple have been living in this bubble and Khloe thoroughly enjoys it. It also adds that their relationship will be tested when the NBA season starts again. A source explained that Tristan’s traveling has always been of concern because that is when he messes their relationship. However, Khloe hopes that the NBA player has changed so they can be together as a family.

The couple parted ways when Tristan cheated on Khloe with her sister’s then best friend, Jordyn Woods. But apparently, Tristan was reportedly cheating on Khloe numerous times while she was pregnant with their child. However, Khloe has worked hard to rebuild their relationship so that they can co-exist for their daughter, True. She has openly discussed how important it was for her to have a good relationship with the father of her child.

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Khloe recently said in an interview that Tristan has been very helpful especially during quarantine. She was appreciative if the extra support that she received from him. She had once said that people don’t understand but she leads with love and they put their child first. The Good American founder said, ‘If you have that mindset, everything else follows easily. We have a family together. Don’t make it more difficult by dragging your feet. This is going to be forever, so we want to make it the best that we can.’

Khloe added that Tristan and her needed time to heal and also for Khloe to go through her emotions. But now, Khloe says he is like one of her best friends. Although she explains that a lot of it is because of quarantine. Khloe feels grateful when she sees Tristan as a dad and also because he is helpful. The reality star said, ‘Especially during this time because it’s such an isolating time. I’m really grateful for that support and that additional help.’

The Good Americanfounderis glad that she let Tristan stay and take care of their two-year-old daughter. In an interview with Daily pop, she said that they are doing a great job and she is grateful that they are able to. Khloe went on to share the story of her parents and explaining that is what she grew up in.

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‘I come from a family that, you know, my mom and my dad, they would have dinner once a week. And my stepdad and my dad would play golf once a week together. So, I come from a family that … just because people aren’t together doesn’t mean you have to be rude or they’re out of your life.’

Khloe explained that she shares a child with him and she wants to have a blended family. She says she is used to that and also acknowledges that it might be weird for many people. The fitness author further revealed that Tristan has been amazing and helpful amid the pandemic.

Khloe explains that when one can’t always rely on other people’s help, it’s great to have someone who is essentially your partner. She goes on but he is also True’s dad and she needs his help more now. The TV star also revealed that she and Tristan are in a really good space.

‘I Have To Deal With Him’

Andy Cohen had made an appearance in Keeping Up With Kardashians’ bonus clip. He asks Khloe almost immediately about something people would be hesitant to ask about.

Andy asks her how is co-parenting with ex Tristan Thompson. Khloe responded that she and Tristan are in a really good space right now. Andy says that if anyone could be in a good space with him it will be Khloe.

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Khloe further explains that she has to be an adult. She says why should she make it difficult for her for the rest of her life. The Good American founder further said that she has to deal with Tristan and he is a great dad to True.

She further said that she would not drag her feet and she will make it as good as she can. Khloe says she doesn’t want to make things harder on her. “It’s like, I have to be an adult. Why make it difficult for myself for the rest of my life?” the 36-year-old mom explains. “I have to deal with him. And he’s her dad and he’s a great dad to her.”

However, when it was Khloe’s birthday, even Tristan could not stop gushing about her. It was clear that Tristan is fond of Khloe while wishing her on her birthday. He posted a picture on social media with Khloe and his two-year-old daughter True.

The NBA player took to Instagram to post the picture and praise Khloe. He wrote ‘how beautiful and loving’ she is. He also wrote he loves her. In the posted picture, Tristan and Khloe are all smiles with their daughter True.

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Tristan wrote that Khloe came into his life to make him a better person. He appreciated how much he can learn and grow because of her. Tristan continues, “I thank God for the beautiful and loving woman you are to everyone, especially our daughter True. You deserve the world, Koko! True and I love you, mama. Happy Birthday, @khloekardashian.”


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