Kevin Smith Take On Lady Gaga Playing Harley Quinn In Joker 2

After the success of the Joker 2019 film which starred Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur a.k.a Joker, the film did really great at the theatres and was loved by the fans.

Keeping these things in mind Joker 2 is going to be coming soon. Last month Todd Philips took to his Instagram to share the news about the upcoming sequel of Joker. He shared the picture of the screenplay along with Joaquin Phoenix reading it and he also revealed the title of the film through this post.

The new sequel of the Joker was given the title of “Folie à Deux”, which means a mental condition or a delusion disorder that is shared between two people. Speaking of the casting people speculated that Harley Quinn is going to be a part of it. Later on, rumors were that Lady Gaga is in talks to play the role of Harley Quinn. The details of the plot and casting are still under wraps but it is expected that Lady Gaga will be a part of the film.

The comic book writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith has some opinions to share about Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. His view is that there can’t always be just one film about a particular character. He says “these are larger than life figures” so even if they have a particular identity they can be played by many different actors and not just one. What matters is the character, the character is the star of the film and the mantle of that particular character can be taken up by anyone.

He further spoke about Joker 2, Lady Gaga joining the cast he calls it “brilliant no-brainer marketing” as the character of Harley Quinn would be played by one of the top artists in the world. He further added about Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, he says that if somebody tells that they prefer Margot it’s like you will have both versions of Harley Quinn, you can watch what you like.

He says the characters vary on various platforms like tv, cartoons, movies, and so on. It’s not always played by the same person it’s a different person every time. Lady Gaga portraying Harley Quinn doesn’t mean that they are done with Margot Robbie, he continues “more Margot, and let’s see lady gaga’s Harley Quinn as well”

The conversation further moved towards Marvel as they don’t have that different actor playing the same character much and DC has a lot of variations in that matter. To which Kevin responded that it’s only recently that they had to switch Batman. He says,” I think it looks like you get about a decade before, you know they’re like okay we got a switch and maybe some of that’s because performers are like I don’t want to do this anymore I don’t understand why it’s like practically printing free money.”

They further had a good talk about Marvel and DC together. But one thing is for sure more of Harley Quinn is yet to come.

Watch the full conversation, here.

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