Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Discusses WWE Management Reshuffle 

Kevin Nash knows Triple H both personally and professionally, and Big Sexy believes his friend’s promotion can bode well for WWE. In all sincerity, I consider they’re in a better position than they had been with Paul Levesque, Triple H, to be in charge of creative, Nash said Triple H has become the Head Of Talent Relations once more, and the following Monday, it was announced that he officially had become the WWE Head Of Creative now since Vince McMahon retired.

Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were two other people who received significant promotions, and Nash shared his thoughts on that aspect of management. Nick Khan, I believe, had ambitions. I believe that when he first arrived, he hoped to be in charge of either a network or a production company, & now he has both. He does have a production company and a streaming service, so I believe he is the right person for the CEO position, and Steph is the other co-CEO.

Nash refers to Triple H as Paul because the two are so close, but he also believes Levesque is the right man for the job and has the right team. When you combine his magic and creative mind, I believe that progressing forward, it will be a dynamic that propels this company forward, Nash said. If the scores for WWE Raw are any indication of how Triple H will perform in his new position, The Game comprehends how to play the game. The programme had the highest total number of viewers in over 2 decades.

Tony Nese

Tony Nese, an AEW star, has spoken out about Triple H taking over WWE creative. Operating for him is awesome, Nese said during a Facebook Live while signing autographs on Captain’s Corner. From what I’ve learned from talking with him, I believe he’s ideal for the job, and many others agree. I don’t understand much because it’s above my pay grade. I like his fashion, and I liked the black and yellow NXT. It really doesn’t seem to be the same people for as long as the booking style is retained.

Nese made his WWE debut in the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. He eventually lost in the second round to Brian Kendrick and signed with the company shortly after. He’d make sporadic performances on Raw before becoming a regular on Triple H’s 205 Live. Nese would win the Cruiserweight Championship from Buddy Murphy on the WrestleMania 35 pre-show and hold it for 77 days prior to actually losing it to Drew Gulak at Stomping Grounds.


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