Kendrick Lamar faces backlash for homophobic slur in new song Auntie Diaries

You may see a lot of rappers using the f-slur in their songs, but you won’t see many supporting the LGBT community, especially not someone as prominent in the music industry as Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick is garnering praise from all corners for his newly released album titled Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers which appears to touch on sensitive issues such as religion, violence in marriage, grief, and homophobia among others.

What is the song Auntie Diaries about?

The song titled “Auntie Diaries” has surely emerged as one of the most talked-about tracks on Kendrick’s new album. Through this song, Kendrick brings attention to the trans community and offers support via sharing his personal experiences and how they allowed him to grow as a person.

Kendrick begins the song by rapping, “My auntie is a man now” … and then, he describes his transition. Later in the song, he reveals his cousin is trans as well, rapping, “Demetrius is Mary-Ann now.”

Kendrick adds, “I mean he’s really Mary-Ann, even took things further. Changed his gender before Bruce Jenner was certain. Living his truth even if it meant see a surgeon.”

In the song, Kendrick also talks about being in elementary school and the mistakes he made, including when he would use homophobic slurs. At one point in the song, he says “The day I chose humanity over religion the family got closer, it was all forgiven”.

Many took to social media to applaud Kendrick for such as groundbreaking song where he so openly and candidly supported the trans community.

Despite the many positives of the song, some people were also able to identify a few problematic elements in it. People noticed how Lamar misgenders and deadnames his “auntie” and cousin, meaning he uses the wrong pronouns and names for them. In addition, people also noticed how he also repeatedly uses a homophobic slur in the song.


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