Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM Details How A BLACKPINK Music Video Changed Her Life

Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM mentioned in a recent interview that she was “mindblown” by BLACKPINK’s song video before she became an idol. She acknowledged that it had impacted her life. The rookie girl group made an appearance on Showterview With Sunmi. When the Gashina singer discovered that Kazuha had been training ballet for nearly 15 years and was a professional ballerina before making her debut, she enquired:

“I guess you must have dreamed of becoming a ballerina. What made you dream of becoming an idol?”

Rapper LE SSERAFIM responded to it by saying:

“One day, I came across a music video of BLACKPINK. It felt very new to me who had only been doing ballet. It was very mind-blowing, and it made me dream of performing like them one day.”

The Japanese singer is one of the BLINKS (BLACKPINK’S fans), having frequently voiced her love and respect for the YG Entertainment girl group.

A recent behind-the-scenes MAMA uploaded on YouTube served as evidence of her BLINK ranking. Kazuha was seen in the video pointing to the stage and informing her bandmate Yunjin that she had gone to a BLACKPINK concert at the same location, the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, in 2018.

The fourth-generation diva admitted during a fan call earlier this year that Jisoo, the lead vocalist of the four-person female group, is her favorite.

BLACKPINK is the biggest girl group to come out of K-Pop, so it is not surprising when we see junior or rookie idols idolizing and looking up to them. Kazuha’s admission of her affection for the Pink Venom vocalists thrilled followers of both groups (Sserapinks), while BLACKPINK supporters welcomed her as their “president.” Fans also learned quickly that the video that the 19-year-old idol had mentioned on Showterview was for BLACKPINK’s smash hit single BOOMBAYAH from 2017. They thought it was sweet that she admired her seniors and that she would get to meet them soon.

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