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Katrina Kaif opens up on battling anxiety in this lockdown

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has talked about how this lockdown has changed her perspective about life!

Just like everyone else, actress Katrina Kaif too has been indoors all this while. She has been staying with her sister Isabelle Kaif and we have seen the glimpses of her life in lockdown.

Now the actress has opened up on how the past few days changed her perspective about life. She told IANS, “The pandemic, followed by the lockdown has surely left many of us introspecting, on how blessed our lives are and how much we take for granted in our normal lives. Also, with the alarming number of cases, I feel we all should work towards at having better immunity through our food habits and lifestyle. It also changed my perspective about life in some ways.”


Kat added on talking about how she misses being on sets and she wonders when will life get back to normal. But she also understand the crisis that is going on.

The actress also talked about people facing anxiety issues during this time. She said, “While anxiety is a serious issue, I would suggest that everyone keeps calm, meditate or perform yoga, and think of the brighter side.”  Katrina explained that in this phase whenever she has felt low, I has resorted to meditating, doing yoga, or watching a movie or a show that cheers her up.


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